The sketch project is an architectural idea of ​​the building and a spatial planning solution. No building permit will be issued on the basis of the sketch project. The aim of the sketch project is to give a vision of the building as a whole. It is not the purpose of the sketch to provide detailed descriptions of the various structural units and technical systems.

The sketch project is the initial task for the following stages of the architectural project. It will be supplemented and further improved in more detail, thus the preliminary design will be completed. From the Eskiisid.ee page, it is also possible to purchase file formats of professional programs such as pln and dwg for each sketch project, so that further development of the project in the following stages would be easier in any architectural office.

The sketch project purchased from Eskiisid.ee includes (pdf formats):

  • Floor plans
  • Elevations
  • Sectional drawing
  • Explanatory memorandum
  • 3D illustrations

In addition, you can also buy professional program file formats - pln and dwg.


The sketch project is a recommended stage of the project in order for the client to have a more accurate vision and understanding of their wishes. In addition, there are situations where a sketch project is helpful in issuing design conditions - in some cases, a local authority may request a sketch project to issue design conditions in order to assess the suitability of a building for a particular plot.

You can also go to the relevant local government official with a sketch project before buying a plot to find out where it is allowed to build a building with the desired architectural look. Municipal precepts can, for example, impose restrictions on the roof pitch. Thus, the sketch project helps to avoid situations where the buyer has to give up his desired building due to municipal restrictions.

Precepts for the building to be designed can be obtained from the detailed plan or, in the absence thereof, from the design conditions, which are issued by the local government to each plot individually.

Based on the sketch project, the compilers of the special parts can make an initial price offer for their own project stages.